Tuesday, May 29, 2012

peanut butter jelly time!

so, let's be real, i'm a foodie. equal opportunity food lover. and just like drinks, food can tell a lot about a person, even simple foods. even your pb&j sandwich. 

think about it. do you like equal amounts peanut butter and jelly...or more of one than the other? wheat ot white? strawberry or grape jelly? crust on or off? see, there's a lot to this elementary school staple. 

so when i was in charge of making sandwiches last week the pressure was on. my dear friend likes his sandwich with a little more peanut butter, toasted bread, cut diagonally, crust on because to take it off would just be wasteful. my brother prefers his equal parts peanut butter and jelly, but no goopy jelly thank-you-very-much, non-toasted bread. i like mine a little heavy on the peanut butter (my favorite is jif reduced fat, seriously) with grape or strawberry jelly, wheat bread (not toasted!), cut diagonally. the diagonal cut is crucial because the bottom part of the bread is my favorite and this way it's equally dispersed in the two halves. my mom loves pb&j on white bread. my dad likes his as a whole sandwich, not cut at all. 

how do you like your PB&J? 

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  1. peanut butter jelly time.... i used to have a kid sing that ALL THE TIME