Monday, January 7, 2013

i hereby resolve...

On principle I’d like to say I’m opposed to making New Year’s Resolutions. I mean who needs a date to make changes? Well, I think I’ve become one of those people who does indeed need a date. Or at least a fresh start. Or the start to a new chapter. Anyway you look at it, I’ve decided to not only make resolutions, but I’m going to PUBLISH them as a way to hold myself accountable. (Or at least make myself feel guilty if these don’t happen…ekkk)

Here we go…and in no particular order…

I’m actually going to keep in touch. Like really. I have truly amazing friends who, believe it or not, actually think I’m pretty cool. I came to the realization that for all the people I think about and make an effort toward who actually don’t deserve it, I could be putting time and energy into delightfully deserving people. (That was such an esteem booster…I feel all sorts of mature.) More phone calls, more texts, more emails, more facebook writings and not just looking at all the photographers I follow.

I’m going to write. It makes me happy. I should just commit to things that make me happy.

Reading. I should read more. Magazines, books, articles that don’t come from entertainment websites, those things should happen. I will finish Anna Karenina!

I really want to recommit to my health. Like women all over the world, when your life revolves around children, you seem to slip to the end of the priority list. That’s happened to me and even now I have next to me a very near empty box of Cheez-Its. I have to get it together. I am not really sure what that is going to look like. More long walks, more runs, more Greek yogurt and veggies.

I have to decide to let him go. 

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