Thursday, January 17, 2013

hair--that is the question

ok, in a brief effort to lighten it up a bit (some of my latest posts have been a little heavy!) let's talk about HAIR.  you see, i'm having total hair envy of anyone's head but my own. anne hathaway has always been one of my favorites and her latest totally short hair has me wanting to chop off my locks once and for all. and my for all i mean for a while. as i sit here with my medium length hair in a messy bun i can't help but want to lock away my hair dryer and mousse for a change to easy. 

this wouldn't be the first time i'd do this. about two years ago i chopped off my hair in prep to go abroad, so i know how good and easy it can be. 

something in my wants to keep trudging at this longer hair thing. i want braids and ponytails, and maybe a little ombre in the fall. i want sock buns and beach waves. 

and then, just when i convince myself that summer is not the time, and to give myself slack and my hair some patience. i think once more of how awesome anne looks...


what do you think? 

(awkwardly, this isn't the first time i've written about this...a sign?)

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