Wednesday, January 9, 2013

rockin' the red blazer

in the residence life department, if you get voted the employee of the week, you get to take in your possession the red blazer. once upon a time people at IAA wore this red blazer. now it's more of a trophy of sorts. mary-kate and i won the red blazer for our mad decorating skills and general charm. ;) plus i think we are kinda awesome at our job. but that's just me. 

well, what's winning a vintage blazer for a week if you don't get a fashion shoot out of it?! here is a brief glimpse at the fun we had messing around in the red blazer. 
 mary-kate look rather studious. we are still trying to get through Anna Karenina. What can we say, it's a rather long read. (Though totally wonderful. Seriously.)
 so, because we BOTH won it, we certainly tried to BOTH wear it. 
super silly. and completely awesome. 
just me chilling in the way too big blazer. 

thanks MK for humoring me both as model and photographer! you da best!

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