Wednesday, January 9, 2013

some moments

so, i've been having some image issues, and instead of boring you with photo after photo of, well, basically snow, i thought i'd do a short little peak of some of the moments of break and those days leading up to it. 
residence life tried to have a holiday party. but mother nature had other plans. the party continued, with some tweaks. and then the power went out. geez...
so there was a winter storm across the midwest at the exact moment we were trying to empty out the academy for break. that was kinda uncool. but i got some lovely pictures out of the deal. this one is a favorite. 
like father, like son. (look Ma! I got BOTH of them to show teeth! SUCCESS!!!)

 an animal in a hat. of course! what more could you expect from Nick's
 we were walking around campus and then all of a sudden we turned a corner and this appeared. I shrieked. It happened. 
 Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington. 
M&M. Friends across continents. 

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