Sunday, February 17, 2013

friday night

In the land of residence life, any day can be someone’s Friday and today is mine. And somehow, it’s been a weird daze of a week. 

So, tomorrow, as I wake up to my Saturday and everyone else has the Monday blues, I hereby promise to savor the moments. I will putter around in my pajamas until I guilt myself into running along to really loud Taylor Swift (not ashamed) and try my hardest to keep up with the running goals I’ve set up. I promise to not eat too much chocolate like I did today, and if I do, I will laugh until I’ve burned all the extra calories. I will wear my hair in a mess and seriously consider whether or not to put on makeup. Most likely I will end up in jeans and a faded denim shirt and if you want to call it a Canadian uniform, have at it, I’m totally comfortable in my camp socks and big glasses. I will run errands and listen to the radio. I am gonna try my hardest to not open my computer unless absolutely necessary. I may nap on my couch nestled in blankets with my new favorite mix of music playing softly in the background. If I have some time, I’m gonna pick up that block of Russian literature I WILL conquer and follow the treacherous footsteps of Anna and Vronsky.

Somehow the days will fade and dinner with friends and long conversations that lead to embarrassing stories will be past and Wednesday morning will be here requiring meetings and business casual and a focused brain.

But that is not right now.

Right now is silly heads and lots of pondering and planning. It’s sitting back and letting life happen. It’s daydreams and cold nights. It’s hope of hot chocolate and girl’s night with plenty of boy talk.

Somewhere it’s Sunday night.
But for me, it’s Friday. And the whole weekend is ahead.

Who’s in? 

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