Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the dream team

it's a rare thing to bond with over twenty twenty-somethings, and here i am having done it twice. the group of people that i work with here in residence life are pretty amazing (and crazy and weird and wonderful), so today, when we had a moment we made a dream team (our ever so humble name for ourselves) wordle

have you ever wordled?

it's great. you make a list of words, or take a webpage, or anything and it will transform it into a cloud. most used word is the largest. 

for us, it's a image of who we are, for better or worse. it's a story of long nights, bright mornings, deep conversations and endless dance parties. it's fighting and making up and doing it all over again. it's being twenty in the land of teen and figuring it all out one mistake at a time. 

being twenty something is kinda great. 
being twenty something with twenty something friends. 
now that's epic. 

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