Sunday, February 17, 2013

pretty things

i'm thinking of making this the new door dec for my girls. thoughts?

so, as sunday is actually my weekend and i've got a ton of links up on this little browser of mine, i thought i'd share! yay! here are some of the things i'm gawking at this week. hope you enjoy. :)

new blogs...follow along with these ladies: here, here, here, and here 

what every girl should have. check

i would like to pull off this first dress one day (loving the blue!)

i want all of the floral things

for my birthday. one side my mom at 25. the other side my grandmother (my namesake). totes brill 

wishing for this

speaking of shopping, i'm having a spring season dilemma. i haven't lived in a perfect four season place, like ever (this is what happens when you basically grow up at the beach) so i'm confused about what one wears on the feet. i have boots, and then i have TOMS. do i need a shoe that you'd wear with a sock? is that superfluous? yes, these are the things i think about. 

if i do, i'm thinking these. thoughts?

OH! and before I forget...come follow along with me in the world of's all the pretty things ;)

happy sunday!

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