Thursday, February 21, 2013

my closet

how dreamy...
i was at lunch the other day with a dear friend of mine--fellow fashionista and former city chick--and the conversation took a turn toward shopping. of course we leaned closer and started dishing on the state of our closets. living in northern michigan is not necessarily living on the catwalk, but that is no excuse for a lacking wardrobe! as we dreamed of lush sweaters and soft silks i casually mentioned what my closet was without...
me: "you'll never believe what i don't have..."
friend: eyebrow raised "what do you mean?"
me: "as much as i say i'm a clothes horse, i like don't have a lot of basics."
friend: "like what?"
me: "black dress pants...or dress trousers in general, a white oxford, or any oxford, sneakers, black pumps..."
friend: "geez...please tell me you have a little black dress?!"
me: "well, not really..."

and so started my inbox flood of delightful links to pretty things, something i will always enjoy, and me taking a serious look at what in the world i own.

currently sitting at a desk wearing my favorite pair of black jeans and ten year old denim jacket, it's hard to imagine that i could possibly need more things in my closet. at this point my mother is rolling her eyes...but i think that what matters is that getting dressed in the morning should be fun and above all it should be simple. basics provide that cushion to always have something to wear and to be able to mix and match everything. i own orange chinos and i wear them all the time, but i can't really wear them with everything. and the fact that the pants i'm wearing are no longer made makes me want to cry!

while there is a lot up in the air right now with what the next six months will look like and what my wardrobe will consist of, i can tell you i do have my eye out for some real grown up clothes.

after all, as much as i want to ignore it 25 is right around the corner. and who can ring in that kind of year not in the perfect black dress?

what i'm looking at right now:
my guideline
casual tunic
the little blue dress
the perfect tote (better price)
neutral everyday flat
boyfriend cardigan

what are some of your favorite basics? how important is black? where should my next pair of favorite pants come from?

(image via pinterest)

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